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RAJAR Results Q4 2018

The quarterly RAJAR results that were published at midnight show the movement in audience numbers as recorded by radio industry

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Radio Advertisers


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Oh the Irony, old media is back

How we love to talk digital to our clients! TV is dead. Radio? forget that and as for Press, does anyone read a newspaper or magazine these days? The only media anyone wants to talk about are one word, single syllable and didn

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Elton John Lewis Christmas TV ad

Elton John Lewis (see what I did there!) have created possibly the most nostalgic Christmas TV ad ever – its a masterpiece! It’s the story of how one particular gift inspired and influenced the course of a little boy

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Has Jagermeister bombed?

See what I did there? Jager? Bombed? It kind of wrote itself….

The story is all over the UK marketing press today. Jagermeister’s German made attempt at humour for the British market has failed to deliver on several levels.

The commercial is set in Berlin in the middle of the night where slaves hack away at walls of an ice cave to extract a frozen bottle of Jagermeister. Star of the show is icy supermodel Nadja Auermann (the Meister) who’s job it appears is to check it’s being served at the optimum temperature and once that’s sorted out the icy Eurodance party gets going – woop woop! Catch line is “its German – of course it’s cold!”

Described as the ‘turkey’ of this year’s seasonal ads it’s aimed at 18- to 24-year-olds’ in the build-up to Christmas. The inference in the press is that Germans don’t get humour and the campaign is a lemon.

I’m not so sure that it is the disaster that it’s being made out to be though. OK the stuff tastes well, disgusting, unless its frozen, but any self respecting late teen, early 20s’ something wants to get blasted as quickly as possible and this gear certainly delivers on that front!

From an ad planning perspective the target group is young adults, its all quite rightly running on selected digital media, there’s lots of trendy looking bodies and loud stuff happening. Maybe its zee Germans who will have the last laugh here – you decide?



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Ever taken the car in to get it serviced and found your radio re tuned to a station you

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Using Google Tag Manager and Conversion Tracking to monitor performance

Like it or not analysing and attribution is a big part of the digital marketing process.

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Why You Should Keep an Eye on Your Online Reputation

Surviving in today

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Things You Didn

Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in various marketing and advertising tools and systems. A.I tools can help companies in running their online marketing campaigns efficiently and cost effectively.

The error margin is lesser compared to the past when it comes to using advertising tools. Today 85% of marketers and companies don

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