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    We are recognized as a top Social Media Marketing Company on DesignRush please click for details

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    RAJAR Results Q4 2018

    The quarterly RAJAR results that were published at midnight show the movement in audience numbers as recorded by radio industry

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    Oh the Irony, old media is back

    How we love to talk digital to our clients! TV is dead. Radio? forget that and as for Press, does anyone read a newspaper or magazine these days? The only media anyone wants to talk about are one word, single

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    Elton John Lewis Christmas TV ad

    Elton John Lewis (see what I did there!) have created possibly the most nostalgic Christmas TV ad ever – its a masterpiece! It’s the story of how one particular gift inspired and influenced the course of a little boy

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    Has Jagermeister bombed?

    See what I did there? Jager? Bombed? It kind of wrote itself…. The story is all over the UK marketing press today. Jagermeister’s German made attempt at humour for the British market has failed to deliver on several levels. The

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