The first place buyers usually access information on something they want to buy is by typing an enquiry into as search engine enquiry box or the top panel on their browser.

This usually results in thousands or tens of thousands of results. The search engines want to deliver the most relevant results as possible, users are unlikely to need to go past the first page of results so it’s key to appear on the first page. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is arguably the most important part of any digital marketing campaign. Without SEO your website will struggle to be visible.

We offer a strategy to get your page ranked as highly as possible specifically tailored to your products, services and your locations. This ensures the right external signals are sent by your site as well as inbound, on-page, social and review signals to the search engines about the products, services and locations most relevant to your business.

We only use legitimate ways to optimise your site to generate and maintain a high rankings without exposing your site to the possibility of being penalised by Google or any of the other search engines.

  • We will optimise for quick mobile search.
  • We monitor for attacks.
  • We make sure your site is relevant.
  • We create skyscraper content.
  • We make sure you are making the most of your video content.
  • We help you make and promote Infographics.
  • We use originality to create your own keywords and topic clusters.
  • We optimise for voice search.

As your keyword is ranked higher in Google, you’ll pay lower PPC bid costs.

Our experienced SEO team are all ex-Google staff so know what drives the process. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your page ranking with effective SEO.

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